LC Partners Ltd - Kokkola

LC Partners Ltd:s pipelines and steel structures are pre-manufactured in the company’s own facilities. We specialize in pipeline-, steel structure-, and equipment installation in process-, chemical-, gas-, and forest industries. LCP is committed in constantly developing and improving their actions, taking customer needs into consideration.

LCP:s personnel´s level of commitment is represented through exemplarism, professionalism, social responsibilities and sincerity. We understand that eventually, it’s the people who do the work and make results. Our company supports the well-being of the personnel, and uses it as an asset to achieve better quality, efficiency, and productivity.

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Our Company

LC Partners Ltd. was founded in 2005, to serve the investment- and maintenance purposes in the industry. Satisfied customers are LC Partner’s most important asset. We produce high-quality and well-finished products to match our customer´s needs and demands. We bring added value to the customer with innovative customer- and service combination processes. Our goal is to be the closest and the best supplier for the customer. We understand the importance of customer relationships by making results together.