Company - Kokkola

LC Partners Ltd. , founded in 2005, specializes in industrial pipelines, steel structures, machinery installation and maintenance.

Through leadership and know-how, the life cycle services of production processes create added value to the customer.  Life cycle services include investments and comprehensive maintenance.

Our customers appreciate our ability to quickly react and adjust to the changes in the process and resource needs.

Confidential, long-term customer relations form the backbone of our company.


Industrial demands based on know-how


Customers, specialist networks


Man, know-how, direction, actions in practice


Office- and production facilities

LCP:s office- and production facilities are located in Kemirantie 1, 67800 Kokkola.

In Kokkola, we have the following facilities in use:

  • a 200- square pre-manufacturing facility next to the office.
  • a 300- square storage- and pre-manufacturing facility
  • a 450- square pre-manufacturing facilities for stainless steel- and acid resisting materials.
  • storage facilities for approximately 100 square.
  • a 500- square pre-manufacturing facility


EHS (Enviroment, health and safety)- politics define our responsibility for the environment, the physical and mental well-being of our employees and work safety.

We evaluate and reduce environmental effects systematically. All waste is sorted according to laws and standards. Recyclable materials are exploited efficiently and transportations are optimized to conserve nature and money. This often occurs together with the prime contractor, or directly within the standards of the customer.

We take care of the level of work safety insisted by the law actively, using protective equipment, devices, safety and staff education. We register all occupational accidents and “close call”- situations. Occupational health is developed and maintained with occupational health care and under the guidance of professionals in work safety. Job satisfaction is the base of efficient work. Safety quarantees quality.